The Antimatter Studios

About Us

    The Antimatter Studios is an umbrella organization created to build broad creative technological solutions to issues across industries. Founded in 2016, by two teenage tech enthusiasts, we were functioning as an IT Consultancy and Solutions firm for Small-Medium sized Enterprises across the globe. Back in the days when Android and iOS were still discovering themselves, we were already amazed by the possibilities and capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. To fund our vision of running groundbreaking research in the field while also creating positive change in society, we predominantly took up projects with SME's in the developing world.

    Today, we function as a full-fledged tech company working on providing AI, Fintech, and Enterprise Solutions.
Our Team

Our Projects

    As an organization founded by creatives, we do not place ourselves in any narrow niches or labels. The coders working for us have all the liberties to come up with newer ideas and solutions, and this creative freedom works as one of our greatest strengths.
    At the Antimatter Studios, we make sure that there are always a growing number of potential ideas in pipelines waiting to be tapped.

  • Project Andromeda (Survey Platform)
  • Project-Cygnus (LMS Platform)
  • Projects in development