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Our Origin


Started off as just another venture by highschool students, The Antimatter Studios has gradually evolved along with the team. Back in 2013, in highschool, two students with an entrepreneurial spirit came together for one thing they had in common, their love for tech. Back in the days when android and ios were still discovering themselves, these students were already amazed by the possibilities and capabilities of Artificial Intelligence.

And to fund their dreams of creating their own A.I. Ecosystem, they began to undertake several tech-related projects. Numerous small scale projects later, in 2017, they finally began work on their Artificial Intelligence software, A.G.A.I.N. Today, the team has evolved in size and maturity and is working towards its goals with the same level of enthusiasm and more number of projects in a larger scale to fund the A.I.

Years in the Making
Hours of research
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Visionary Idea

What We Do

We offer a host of services ranging from app development, web-designing and hosting to social media management

Website and App Designing

Back in the days of The Renaissance, it was extremely difficult for great minds from different parts of the world to collaborate and share ideas and thoughts. And due to this, many ideas and discoveries never got a chance to make it to the big stage. The internet, one of humanity's single biggest discovery helps us communicate and express our idas and thoughts freely. And we help you and your company to communicate effectively and aesthetically to your audience in the way you want it to be.

Over the cloud incubator

If you are a company looking for a team of tech-enthusiasts to help you take your science project off the ground or if you are an individual looking for a team to work with you on your idea,We provide over the cloud support and help at all times.Please drop us a message and we'll be in touch with you.

Artificial Intelligence

Our startup's goal is to create an AI ecosystem which could be proactive, predictive and more humane.You can check out our AI project through this White Paper

Recent Works

Some of our ongoing projects, include
Project A.G.A.I.N and Readassist.



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